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Day 12 [Wealth]: “I’m financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally.”

Hello there! Today is Sunday, how was your weekend so far? Remember not to pack your schedule with too many activities…rest more and drink more water! “Me” time is equally important 🙂


Day-12, come on!


Day 12: [Wealth]


  1. Identify at least one self-limiting money beliefs that you have.

I can’t seem to save/ keep a lot of money. There is always “emergency uses” for my savings.


  1. Challenge these belief(s).

I need to be better in my financial planning and be more self-disciplined when it comes to money. I can spend my money like flowing water!


  1. Create new positive belief(s).

Turn money into my slave instead of being a slave to my money! I need to better manage my finances so I will not be at the mercy of money.


  1. Identify one positive step you can take towards your financial goal.

With all my long-term financial commitment right now, save 20% of my monthly paycheck! Also, to learn more about how to start a passive income stream!


  1. Say your new belief(s), along with today’s affirmation:

“I’m financially abundant, and money comes to me naturally.”


My Afterthoughts:

I believe that money is very real issue to majority of us. Instead of constant grumbles of why-am-I-not-born-with-a-silver-spoon-or-a-gold-mountain-behind-me or why-am-I-always-so-broke, spend real time to walk through the monetary issues that you have now and come up with solutions and action plans to resolve that! That is what I have done and is working towards now 😀

You can see more of the actual Day-12 affirmation post by Celestine Chua here:

Dream big and believe in yourself, because the power lies within you~