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Day 14 [Self-Image]: “I’m perfect as myself.”

Hello Everyone! I know I know, this is loooong overdue. It has been months since I started this challenge and I have yet to complete it. Only the last two “days” left! Sorry! I have no excuse for my procrastination 😦

I am not ditching this! 2014 is ending, so I am gonna finish this like now.

Day 14 [Self-Image]: “I’m perfect as myself.”

  1. Identify at least one negative self-belief/thought. What is one negative self-belief/thought you have?

I am lazy.

  1. When did this negative self-belief/thought start?

This is a “quality” which I agree of myself. I tend to procrastinate a whole lot. This is not very healthy and beneficial. There are times when I was very hyped up over something and will tend to charge my way forward, only until the middle of the journey where I would begin to procrastinate. This 15-day Affirmation Challenge is a very good example. There were a few occasions when I could post frequently, as much as two posts in a day. But gradually, I began to slow down, and the “lazy” side got the better of me. Numerous times I know that all I have to do is to on my laptop, pull out my Microsoft Word and I would be typing non-stop like now, haha. But, I simply did not.

  1. Challenge this negative self-belief/thought.

Well, I would like to think that it is not entirely true. Perhaps in a different context that I would not be lazy. For example, I may be lazy in my personal life, but I am pretty hardworking when it comes to work. LOL. I would not rest until my work is completed.

  1. Create new positive belief(s).

I know it is a matter of whether I am willing or I am not. I will myself to be lazy and procrastinate. I believe that I am given options to choose otherwise.

  1. Say your new belief(s), along with today’s affirmation:

“I’m perfect as myself.”

My Afterthoughts:

So much time has been wasted due to my “laziness” and procrastination. I could have achieved and done so much more if I am otherwise. Another year will be gone soon, and it is high time that I push myself further so as to achieve my desired life/ lifestyle!

You can see more of the actual Day-14 affirmation post by Celestine Chua here:

Time does not wait~

Chloe ❤

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Day 2 [Self-Love]: “I love myself unconditionally.”

Hello there!

The sky was pouring now as I was writing this and I love weathers like this (especially when I was snuggling at home :D)!

I have just completed my Day-1 positive affirmative in Celes’ 15-Day Affirmations Challenge 🙂

OK, I gotta catch up with the rest (currently at Day-4), let’s go~!


Day 2: [Self-Love]


1. Identify any self-hating thoughts you may have.

Mm…OK. Honestly speaking, I do speak bad of myself on occasions, and they always center around my flabby arms, swimming-float-like tummy, big thighs and cellulite.

I complain of these areas, I wish they would all be two sizes smaller, but I don’t hate myself.

Simply put, I love myself too much to bear such strong negative feelings towards myself! 😀


2. Identify the reason behind this self-hate.

Oh! I want to look like a supermodel. I have a girl-crush on Miranda Kerr.

We are so heavily influenced (aka brainwashed) by the media nowadays that we cannot seem to forgive ourselves if we cannot squeeze into a size 2 dress 😮

Bad, I know, but who has really given a two cents worth of thought into this? It has been coded into our DNA that even if we knew that being able to fit into a size 2 dress is not everything, we still yearn it. We see it as a form of confidence boost. Having a supermodel body would raise the confidence bar to a sky-high extent,I believe, but do we really need this to define ourselves? So what is going on with our self-worth?

And not to mention that there are drastic people doing drastic measures just so as to achieve that kind of results!

But for lazy people like me, all I do is to complain, exercise once a week, try not to eat too much of McDonald’s in a month and that’s all. Can I even fit into a size 8 dress? HAHA.

Of course I do admit that at times, when I look at those pretty dresses which would only look good if they are three sizes smaller than me, I would wish for a sexier body~ Sexy lady eh!


3. Change your self-hating thoughts.

Body is only a shell (or so I am telling myself). I believe that I am one in a million. I am born to achieve greatness! HAHA.


4. Identify your action step(s) to love yourself today.

If this shell is what is bothering me, then I better do something about it. No point whining and complaining and yet allow the weeds to grow like wild fire, yes?

I am currently exercising once a week (Zumba). I aim to also jog… once a week. And I dislike jogging so much! But it is a low cost method which I believed would train my mind. Yep.

I am planning to take up Yogilates (yoga cum pilates) once a week too. I once went for eight classes and then I stopped. The classes were on Saturday mornings! *face palm* Well… I guess this is one way to train my mind too.

The reason for wanting to take up Yogilates is because Yoga is all about stretching the body (deskbound job kills practically any body) and training the mind. Pilates is all about shedding some fats, yo!

Trying to lose some kilograms aside, I strongly believe in leading a healthier lifestyle equals loving yourself. I am currently cutting down on fried food, sugars, salts, meat and the list goes on. Basically, I am increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables 😀 And it feels. So. Good! No kidding! Will blog about it on another day 🙂



*hugged tight*


6.   Say your new belief(s) and affirmation. Then, with your arms still hugging your body, say your new belief(s) out loud, along with today’s affirmation:

“I love myself unconditionally.”



My Afterthoughts:

This affirmation is not very applicable to me right now. It might, however, in rainy days (not literally).

The hugging part is unexpected though. If you felt some stretching going on during the self-hugging people, then I believe you are on the right track 😀

You can see the actual affirmation challenge post here:

Dream big and believe in yourself, because the power lies within you~


Chloe ❤