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2017 Comeback (LOL What, Do I Think I Am Like a KPOP Artiste?)

I’m typing this in the middle of the night (currently at 1.24am to be precise).

This is pretty random. Few hours ago, it occurred to be that I still have a blog in WordPress! I started the blog on a high and then it just…die off. Two years ago.


Now I decided to revive it! Haha. Not on a whim, though. Ok, maybe this post is indeed on a whim, but I have made up my mind lately to really continue with blogging. And so, 凭着一股三分钟热度的enthusiasm I changed my blog format! It now looks soooo much cheerier than before 😀 More like me, not acting serious and all. LOL.

In these two years while I was “away”, I have quit my job, gotten married, and am now shaking leg (I wish. OK, maybe a little) at home. After eight consecutive years of being in the workforce since graduation from poly, I think this is the best time for me to stop and rest for a while and then… change a new career path (O.M.G. at age close to 30!). AND, I am super grateful for my husband who is soooo supportive (in case he is reading this, you know). Husband, Saranghae ❤

The difference between my future posts and my past few posts is that I’m not going to rack my brain anymore trying to think of “awesomely-good” content to blog about. I’m just gonna follow my heart and type whatever comes to my mind. Haha! Gonna stop trying to impress people~ Because…seriously. This is a really bad habit of mine: trying to be perfect. In the end, I got nothing that I have in mind started because I don’t think I have perfected in any of the things I wanna do. Sad leh. 😦

Wait. Come to think of it, this is my first blog post again after a two-year hiatus…and in January somemore…I should have started with a post on resolu—

*yawns* OK, finally feeling sleepy. It’s 1.43am now and my husband is still playing his Secret World but I don’t frigging care so I’m gonna turn in to bed already!

Nights 😀


Chloe ❤