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Day 14 [Self-Image]: “I’m perfect as myself.”

Hello Everyone! I know I know, this is loooong overdue. It has been months since I started this challenge and I have yet to complete it. Only the last two “days” left! Sorry! I have no excuse for my procrastination 😦

I am not ditching this! 2014 is ending, so I am gonna finish this like now.

Day 14 [Self-Image]: “I’m perfect as myself.”

  1. Identify at least one negative self-belief/thought. What is one negative self-belief/thought you have?

I am lazy.

  1. When did this negative self-belief/thought start?

This is a “quality” which I agree of myself. I tend to procrastinate a whole lot. This is not very healthy and beneficial. There are times when I was very hyped up over something and will tend to charge my way forward, only until the middle of the journey where I would begin to procrastinate. This 15-day Affirmation Challenge is a very good example. There were a few occasions when I could post frequently, as much as two posts in a day. But gradually, I began to slow down, and the “lazy” side got the better of me. Numerous times I know that all I have to do is to on my laptop, pull out my Microsoft Word and I would be typing non-stop like now, haha. But, I simply did not.

  1. Challenge this negative self-belief/thought.

Well, I would like to think that it is not entirely true. Perhaps in a different context that I would not be lazy. For example, I may be lazy in my personal life, but I am pretty hardworking when it comes to work. LOL. I would not rest until my work is completed.

  1. Create new positive belief(s).

I know it is a matter of whether I am willing or I am not. I will myself to be lazy and procrastinate. I believe that I am given options to choose otherwise.

  1. Say your new belief(s), along with today’s affirmation:

“I’m perfect as myself.”

My Afterthoughts:

So much time has been wasted due to my “laziness” and procrastination. I could have achieved and done so much more if I am otherwise. Another year will be gone soon, and it is high time that I push myself further so as to achieve my desired life/ lifestyle!

You can see more of the actual Day-14 affirmation post by Celestine Chua here:

Time does not wait~

Chloe ❤


Chloe Sim is a simple girl with one of the biggest dreams of achieving lifelong Happiness! Oh, not just for herself! She aims to aid her family and friends and all~ the people around her to defining and achieving their Happiness. She believes that everyone deserves to be Happy, so that they would be able to savour every moment of their lives and really live their lives to the fullest with no regrets! To date, she has more than eight years of customer service working experience. From handling difficult and demanding public to bereaved customers, it was due to her vast experience in the field where she has found many ways to stay happy and positive in her everyday life. So, tada! You are now cordially invited to join her in her journey to achieving her/ your Happiness. Who doesn't want to be a Happy person? Happy me, Happy life, let’s go~!

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