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How I Discovered My Goals and Dreams: My Self-Discovery Journey to a Career and not a Job

Hello Everyone! How was the past week like for you?

Towards the end of my previous post (My Takeaway from N.A.C 2014), I have briefly mentioned listing down some of the things you desire to achieve in life as a simple Start; basically the life that you would deem to be the Perfect Life for you 😀

How was that going for you? If you have not done so, I urge you to do so now! That is because after you have communicated with yourself by writing down the components which would make up your Dream Life, it would be the Start of an amazing and exciting journey that you most probably wouldn’t want to miss a day 😀

I am mostly (mostly because I am human so I would have my doubts once in a while haha) living my days like that now. I am currently in a job which is not my dream career, but it doesn’t matter. I am still happy because I know that I am working step by step towards my goals. And I also know that every thing which has happened in my life is my greatest teacher. Sounds cliché I know, but something has happened which made me a strong believer in this. And we shall leave that for another day 😀

I have mentioned a lot on passions and dreams and goals in my previous post. But what if you have absolutely no idea as to what to do with your life? What if you, after having torn your hair out, have come to the conclusion that you neither have any passion nor any dream? You might be thinking: OMG I have no passion, no dream, no goal! Am I lesser as a person?

No! Certainly not!

Fret not people, fret not! Not all of us are lucky to be someone who knew right from the start of their lives who/ what they want to be in the future. And not everyone’s dreams and passions have to be “great” and “noble”. I have a friend whose dream is to be a loving wife and a caring mother. I think that is one awesome dream, isn’t it?

I myself have come a long way to discovering my passions in life. And they certainly do not come easily to me like a snap of my fingers. In fact, they took me more than ten years.

My long self-discovery journey began when I was perhaps six or seven years old. Yep, you read me right; I was that young. I have always wanted to be in the media for as long as I could remember. Watching TV was my favourite pastime when I was a kid. I was fascinated by the seemingly exciting and glamourous world in that little black box.

I watched Sharon Au on variety shows (City Beat was my then top favourite), and I wanted to be a TV host. I remember I would walk around the house, mumbling to myself, introducing imaginary stuff like I was a TV host interviewing people and their new products.

Then it came a chance when a kids channel was looking for a kiddo TV host. I was elated! I went through the photo album and spend a long afternoon picking my best full body picture and writing my “resume” letter to introduce myself to the producer.

I have sent my cute photo and kiddish letter with high hopes and dreams. But they had ended up like small pebbles sinking into the big ocean.

Wait, I do not remember if they have sent me a notification letter of rejection. Regardless, I wasn’t selected, haha.

But it was OK. I was a kid full of impossible dreams and hopes.

Teacher, lawyer, TV host, TV announcer, doctor, entrepreneur, writer, air stewardess, counselor… my dreams were always changing. My future was full of possibilities.

The time came when I really gave a serious thought to my future was when I was 14 years old. I was being pulled into the English Drama Club as my school’s CCA by a friend.

I have never thought of doing anything related to acting. I never thought that I could act, too (yes, I can HAHA). I remember I used to loathe going to my CCA on every Wednesday. I thought that those two hours were torturous. But somehow, I got deeply involved. When I was in Secondary 2, I got selected to participate in a Drama competition held by the National Library Board. There were five of us. We adopted the Wizard of Oz, me being the Wizard and the Wicked Witch of the East at the same time. It was such a fun experience! We came in second place amongst 49 other schools. It was awesome.

I started to enjoy acting. And I realized I can act! I started to dream of being an actress. I was very fortunate to have a very supportive mother. She listened to all my impossible ever-changing dream-talks and supported me whole-heartedly. When I was 17, I went for an audition at Mediacorp, and got a minor role in a Channel 8 TV drama, A Promise for Tomorrow, alongside with Rui En and Qi Yuwui. Guess what? I was acting as a retard! 😀 Well… I was supposed to be auditioning for a student role. Instead, I was selected to act as a… very innocent girl.

My face so round beside Rui En LOL.

I had fake bunny teeth and cottoned-fat body! And that hair, that hair! It had negatively affected me greatly during that three months period when I was supposed to keep that retarded hairstyle. I even suspected that I was very close to having mild depression at that time. That, is another story to be shared in near future 😀

My retard character, Ah Qiong.
My retard character, Ah Qiong.

Well, I thought this could be the beginning of my acting career but that too, was like a slightly bigger pebble just causing ripples on the water… and then nothing more.

Subsequently, I went for a talent scout acting competition and a DJ hunt, both to no avail. I even joined Jack Neo’s (a famous local director) talent nurturing program… and that too, was one of the many pebbles.

I didn’t allow myself to think of alternatives besides being in the showbiz. Perhaps it was every young girl’s dream to want to be an entertainer, but it was indeed a very real dream to me. And yet, I hadn’t tried with all my might. Fear of failure and embarrassment had gotten the better of me. I should have just tried with all I have! Instead, I withheld just because I didn’t wish to be seen as trying too hard and yet possibly fail *slap my forehead*.

Gradually, reality sets in (or so I think). I have always been taught that in Singapore, there is no room for artistic dreams and goals. Everyone works hard to get either a diploma or a bachelor degree. Then they would get themselves a good and steady job, get married and have kids; basically slogging through their entire lives until they get old and die. All without knowing what they had lived for, right until the moment when they kicked the bucket.

This is not the life that I want.

I graduated with a Diploma in Business Administration from the Singapore Polytechnic. It was not a diploma which I like and want. I started my full-time permanent job when I was 20 years old. I have spent a very long time thinking of what I was going to do with my Life and my career path in the future.

My friends around me started on their part-time bachelor courses. Some of them simply wanted to have a bachelor degree just so they could earn slightly more money and get a better job and not because they love the forte in which they are taking up.

No, I do not want a life like that. And so I struggled with me, myself and I.

Sometimes I wondered: why can’t I be simpler?

Why can’t I just be contented with a random job which gives me my monthly paychecks and be done with?

Why am I thinking so darn hard just so that I can really be in a job which I really love and enjoy doing?

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

~ Confucius

I have always liked helping people in any ways and I love interacting with people. Basically, I love talking HAHA. So, I have been in the field of customer service for as long as I can remember. From my school vacation days as a retail assistant to being a customer service executive now, I cannot imagine a job which requires me to communicate with tons of paperwork and nothing else.

Should my conversation go, “Hello Minutes, don’t you think there is no life-meaning to use my time creating you?”

Or, “Hello Statistics, do you think you can save me the trouble by plotting your own graphs?”

I don’t want to spend my precious time on things I do not enjoy!

I love interacting with real people from different walks of lives. People who would confide in you even though it was a pure professional transaction. Of course, it can be real demoralizing and tiring at times. Gradually, I got really tired of being in the customer service line of work. But where can I go and what can I do! I know I would not live a life like that forever, but I don’t know which the direction to my Lifelong Happiness and Satisfaction is.

One thing I am proud of myself is that I never, ever stop thinking on what I want to achieve in my life. I have already spent more than ten years thinking, and I never give up. To give up exploring all the possibilities is as good as giving up on me and my entire life of happiness. And I want to be happy doing the things I do!

So, I should be the last person to give up on myself! In fact, I should forbid me from giving up on Me. That is because I am the most important person in my world, and I should be living my best life, nothing lesser than that. It is only by being happy that I would be able to make other people happy too 😀 I want me and all the people around me to be happy!

Just when I thought that I might find my dream or passion only when I reach 80 years old… tada! I came across a newspaper advertisement on an open house seminar talk held by this school on Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Out of curiosity, I registered for the talk. And it was one of the many best decisions I have ever made in my life. Seriously. This looks like what I have always been looking for!

At The School of Positive Psychology, I listened to the director, Stephen’s presentation on positive living and helping others and I was awestruck.

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! I was literally screaming in my head.

I am known to listen to family and friends and colleagues, always easily putting myself in their shoes, and give some really sound advices (no kidding). And I always feel a sense of satisfaction when I see that I am able to help my loved ones resolve their issues. It was always an awesome feeling that I want to do it forever.

And what would be a better job than to earn money from doing the things that I want to do forever?

But my self-discovery journey did not stop here.

After attending the talk, I wanted to be a psychotherapist. Now, that is a niche field in Singapore. I have no background, no experience, I don’t know how the heck I am going to do it and there is no one around me who has the experiences and the knowledge to guide me. I thought that by taking up the Diploma in Psychotherapy with the school is an awesome start to my lifelong career. I was so, so excited and full of hope for my future.

I was 21 years old when I started the part-time courses. I finished the program within 2 years. It could be faster, but I needed to have a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy before I could practice on my own. And I needed to be at least 25 years old before I could enroll in the Professional Diploma course.

But when I finally reached the age of 25, I simply couldn’t bring myself to be enrolled in this Professional Diploma course. I was this close to doing what I want to do, and yet I did not take action. Why? I was confused with myself.

But I knew for sure, one of the reasons which had stopped me was due to my fear of walking down this “unpopular” path. Being a psychotherapist is definitely not mainstream in Singapore. I was worried and afraid of what would happen if I continued down this road. I shuddered to think about the obstacles I would face. What if I fail? What if I was not cut out to do this?

Regardless of how much I studied, it was still a Diploma. It wasn’t a bachelor degree. In Singapore, paper qualification is very important. Almost everyone judges you by the educational level you had attained.

And so, I enrolled myself into UniSIM’s (a local private university designed for working adults) Bachelor in English Communication with Psychology.

See the element of psychology even when I thought I have given up on being a psychotherapist? HAHA.

Anyway, it didn’t last even for a term! Haha, yes! I totally ditched school and withdraw from this bachelor program after one month. I simply couldn’t stand spending my time on something which I wasn’t passionate enough. And no no no, I wasn’t a rich girl, it was all my hard-earned money, but I am a strong believer in Everything Happens For A Reason. This is a lesson earned, albeit an expensive one. I would rather waste that one term of money than to force myself to completing the bachelor studies unhappily wasting even more money and precious time on it!

It brought me back to my “core”.

I even went back to The School of Positive Psychology and had a small chat with Stephen again. I am so thankful for that talk, because he has pointed out a flaw in me which I did not realize.

He told me that life is never a straight path. It is a winding road in which you can never know what would be there waiting until you turn around at the corner. You can only continue walking with faith. You could come up with a hundred and thousand of possible obstacles and tried to come up with a hundred and thousand of solutions, but you would never really know until you walk the path and turn to see for yourself what is in there for you.

In short, I had feared. I do still fear, at times. But I am slowly learning to overcome my fears one by one, all by just to keep on going.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” ~ Confucius

I think a lot of people nowadays have one similar trait which is potentially a great suicidal problem.

They do not communicate with themselves. This is a dangerous way of living your life because you would most likely be living in a life which you do not like!

When I turned 25 years old, I was very, very disappointed with myself. I was so upset. I looked back on the past 5 years of my life, and realized that I have been living my days and weeks and months and years doing nothing. I know I have dreams that I wanted to live and fulfill, but all I did was just to toy with the ideas in my mind and not act on them!

I job-hopped twice during this period, and it was simply from one loveless job to another same hell-hole. What was I doing! I was at my prime; I was (still am) young and supposedly energetic, and yet I allowed myself to be trapped by my laziness to work hard towards my Dream Life and by my fear of moving out of my comfort zone.

These two factors combined are a sure deadly combination.

And so I did a few Q&A sessions with myself:

  1. Why is it that I do not continue my journey down the path of becoming a psychotherapist?
  2. What is/ are holding me back to move on further in my life?
  3. How exactly does my Perfect Life look like?

After much self-probing, I finally had the courage to admit the truth which I believed I had been trying to kid myself into thinking otherwise:

That being a psychotherapist is not what I really wanted.


Just when I thought I found my possible lifelong career! But I had refused to admit that this is what I really felt. That is because I did not want to continue searching. I want to be able to settle down on one idea and build on it wholeheartedly.

But the heart is one which you cannot succeed in lying to.

I had realized that my vision of being a psychotherapist differs from what I really learned and felt when I was studying it. It is still all about helping other people, but not by the method which I would enjoy using.

It took me great length of pain to rethink about what I wanted.

Finally, it came to me almost after a year: I would be a Life Coach instead 🙂

Being a psychotherapist, I would be dealing with negative people day-in and day-out. And I want to steer away from handling negative people and their emotions because these are mostly who I was dealing with and what I was doing right now in my job.

I want to get away from it (them).

Also, I am fairly an empathetic person who is very sensitive to other people’s feelings and circumstances. I can imagine I would be greatly affected by my clients if I were to be a psychotherapist.

But being a coach is different! Even though they may be a more demanding crowd because they approach you not because they have issues and problems in life but because they are looking at improving themselves as a person, they are possibly happier people 😀

One of the tricks to being happy is to surround yourself with happy people.

So! I am actively working towards one of my goals now, which is to become a Life Coach 🙂 I am currently taking up a Diploma in Positive Psychology, because aiding people in living a more positive life and attaining happiness with their very own hands is my ultimate goal in being a Life Coach 😀

It is going to be a challenging road because being a coach is even further away from the mainstream in Singapore as compared to being a psychotherapist!

Of course I have my worries! I am scared! But I don’t give a damn to my fears and worries anymore! I am the master of my own life and I will not allow negativity to stray me away from doing what love! I am sick of complaining about my life! I want to live a life where I would be full of praises for it!

OK, those were some screaming happening in my head.

So come on, people! You know what you want to do with your life and in your life! It is just a matter of being utterly honest and transparent with yourself!

If I can be honest with myself, you can, too!

That is the purpose of this blog. I am recording my journey to achieving the goals and living the dreams. Let’s do it together 😀

Dream big and believe in yourself, because the power lies within you~


Chloe ❤

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

– Mark Twain

Whenever I have doubts in my life; whenever the fear of moving out of my comfort zone creeps in, I will always use this quote to motivate myself.

Do I want to look back at my life some ten or twenty years later and be very disappointed in myself?

Do I want to then tell myself, “I should have…” but in fact, time can never be rewind?

Time doesn’t wait. I pray that we would never have the chance to use these three words:

“I Should Have…”

Dream big and believe in yourself, because the power lies within you.


Chloe ❤

“I Should Have…”

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My Takeaway from N.A.C 2014

Hello Everyone!

Finally! TGIF is tomorrow 😀

How was your week so far? Busy? Exciting? Feeling accomplished? Or were you feeling bored? Hang on there people! Weekend is juuuuusssst around the corner and I bet we all already have plans lined up!

For me, I simply can’t wait for the weekend to be here! Not just because it was a busy work week for me (as usual), but I have something really exciting coming up~ In fact, my entire June and July would be very, very occupied 🙂

It all began from the last weekend.

I usually spend my weekend eating, sleeping, reading, hanging out with my friends, Starbucks-ing, spending time with my family and with my boyfriend, AA, or simply just rotting away somewhere in my house… the list can go on forever. And I love weekends like this! Two days of such good life always flew by as if in the speed of lightning, isn’t it? And I used to always grumble: How perfect would it be if all our weekends consist of three awesome days instead of the miserable two! (Then gradually we would wish for four of those awesome days.)

But last weekend, I AM A CHANGED WOMAN~ Haha! Oh… the beam of stage light should shine upon me~~

This weekend was very different from the regular ones that I always choose to have.

It was busy!



Just eating sufficiently!

And… extremely rewarding!

From 8.15am to 8pm, I was sitting in the Compass Ballroom of Resort World Sentosa like a diligent and good student with a notebook and pen in hand, jotting down wise advices furiously.

And I didn’t even have half of this concentration level when I was preparing for my ‘O’ Levels ten years ago. Tsk tsk.

Yes, I attended the Nation Achievers Congress 2014, Singapore!


The best zoom-in my iPhone 4s can go... Yes, I was sitting really far away.
The best zoom-in my iPhone 4s can go… Yes, I was sitting really far away =.=

OK, confession time. *Ahem*

So, technically speaking, it was a three-day event, beginning on 30 May (Friday). But… I was feeling tired and lazy and all the excuses that I could think of on the Friday morning itself. The idea of to be able to rest on a weekday has enticed me SO MUCH. What would be a better day than to just spend the precious day rolling about at home (from my room to the kitchen and back) when I am usually at work slogging my bottom off on Fridays?

This idea has seduced me so much like a fish to a cat. And so I have stayed at home on the first day of NAC. … Yes, I am found guilty of rotting away at home instead of being at the Resort World Sentosa on Friday where I was supposed to be. I even took the Friday off from work just so that I can attend the NAC… but look what happened in the end!

I deeply regretted my decision when I finally attended the NAC 2014 on the 31 May. I wanted to chomp down on my own chubby cheeks if I could reach them. It was SO GOOD. I mean, the NAC 2014 was so good! OK, this is not some KFC campaign, but I wished I hadn’t missed the first day at all. WHY, WHY DID I NOT ATTEND ON THAT DAY? I can’t even remember what I did at home on the whole of Friday!

If you have asked me, say, a year ago, I would never have thought that I would be interested in events such as the NAC, not to even mention attending and enjoying it thoroughly. The two days which I have attended are literally like all your self-help books combined, but coming into life! … If you do read those books, that is.

The Singapore NAC 2014 has a list of hollywood-like speakers. They are, as introduced by the National Achievers Congress 2014:

  1. Nick Vujicic: World Renowned Inspirational Speaker, also a bestselling author;
  2. Tom Hopkins: World’s Leading Authority on Sales, also the author of How to Master to the Art of Selling;
  3. Brendon Burchard: World’s #1 Motivation and Marketing Trainer, whose near-death experience has opened his mind and heart;
  4. John Burley: Legendary Real Estate Investor-Mentor;
  5. Sean Seah & Cayden Chang: Two awesome Singaporeans who are the Masters of Value Investing;
  6. Gerry Robert: A very humorous man who is also a Bestselling Author, Mentor and International Speaker;
  7. J.T. Foxx: A vey engaging and charismatic man who is also the World’s #1 Wealth Coach;
  8. Adam Ginsberg: The #1 Expert on Making Big Money on the Internet (especially on eBay);
  9. Peng Joon: Voted #1 Digital Marketer;
  10. Shiv Khera: Author, Educator and Business Consultant;
  11. Andy Harrington: The World’s Leading Public Speaking Expert;
  12. Kieron Sweeney: International Speaker, Business Coach, Digital Entrepreneur;
  13. Andrew Matthews: Masterful Illustrator and International Speaker, also the author of Being Happy;
  14. Daniel Miller: International Speaker, Consultant, Educator; and
  15. Caroline Claydon: Rich Dad Education Property Investor and Coach.

Look at the list of amazing speakers who were present! I felt very honoured to be able to listen to their speeches and their wise advices, all live. A friend has always told me: Always learn from the Experts! I even felt like my brain and my heart have grown maybe 0.01 centimeter bigger.

I was amazed at myself. Yes, please do allow me some self-praising moment because I literally listened wide-eyed for the ENTIRE course of two days. I had attended the NAC with my boyfriend, AA, and he was surprised at my energy level too. I was totally enjoying my time there, nodding once in every two lines at what the speakers have shared. And as for AA, once or twice he was also nodding away… in his lalaland.

Of course, being in such a place, they would bound to sell you their programs or products. In fact, I was being advised by a friend to be careful of all the selling. You would be so inspired by their talks that you would buy the programs they were offering right on the spot, only to realize at a much later time (aka at home) that some purchases were made at a spur of the moment.

That was her talk of experience.

I remembered I had, “Oh, is it! OK, OK, I will be very careful” in reply.

To anyone who knows me personally, I always purchase in a whim of a moment. Not something I am proud of and I admit that quite a handful of my past purchases were unnecessary. I have made some purchases (not cheap) which have made my heart heavy with guilt and self-loathe afterwards (especially when I realized that I need the money for other more important matters some time later, my gods).

But this time is different! I do not, and will not think that I will regret! Yes, you read me right; I have bought a few programs (HAHA). They are by Gerry Robert, Andy Harrington, J.T. Foxx and T. Harv Eker. The first program which is by Gerry Robert will commence on this coming weekend! How exciting~

Oh, and not to forget a book called How Life Works by Andrew Matthews that was selling at the seminar too. It’s such an AMAZING book. Seriously. I was so hooked onto it once I started on the very first page. No kidding. Simple words, deep concept. Amazing book, amazing author! Who wants a review from me on this book? *raise my own hand* 😀

OK, I digress. So, I see these as educational purchases which will aid me and add value in me on my personal growth and achievements. I was actually very proud of my purchases. HAHA. If I were to spend some money, I might as well make them worthy buys, yes? (This is certainly not an excuse so as to spend. No, it is not. NOT!)

These two days have transformed me. I know “transform” is a big word, but that is honestly my heartfelt feeling.

Even though I have a career goal in mind (with some even bigger dreams) and am actively working towards it (them), I still feel insecurities creeping up like little chilly bugs occasionally. And I dislike bugs.

Is this the right direction? Can I make it? Would I succeed? Do I have the ability to achieve what I want? To live the perfect life I desire? The journey is like a never-ending marathon, can I complete the race? Do I have what it takes to complete the race? How long would all these take? (It does feel like forever at times.)

And yada yada yada.

What I have learnt from all the NAC 2014 speakers is that:

My biggest enemy is Myself.

I believe most of us have heard of this before. I heard of this many times in the past, but I always gave the statement a nod and then forget about it once I turned my back.

But now, I have truly digested the meaning behind the statement, and it made me ponder deeply.

I, am indeed my greatest enemy. That is because I am the one who was actively feeding myself with the most lethal poison which can aid its growth and terminates my growth: fear.

Fear is a very lethal emotion. It paralyses a person’s dreams and sometimes kills hope. And most of the time, we allow imaginary fear to kill our dreams in their cradles. How many of you have noticed that only a small percentage of what you have feared in life so far have really come true?

One example: fear makes a person thinks that he or she would be satisfied with an average/ normal/ moderate/ so-so/ wont-starve-to-death-but-I-don’t-know-if-I-am-alive life, receiving steady income aka monthly paychecks.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not hinting that having a steady job which gives you a monthly paycheck is wrong. In fact, I am one of those who are living off monthly paychecks now (and it never feels enough. We shall come to that in another day). If you happened to be enjoying your job right now, it gives you a regular sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, and it ensures monthly paychecks… awesome! 🙂

But well, if you don’t feel this way…

There is a vast difference between wanting to live a life working towards one’s dreams/ goals/ passions/ true desires and wanting to live a life without using his/her full potential. What is the most common telltale sign that you are under challenged at work? In a way, I think you are belittling yourself by trying to just get by day after day with the long-time best friend, Mister Boredom. (OK, some of yours is a Miss).

I believe that everyone deserves to live their best lives. Or maybe so that life is an exciting journey. So that when you need (somehow) to kick the bucket, you would go: OK, so far my life has been awesome for me. Too bad that I might no longer have more time to make it even more exciting, but I have had my own fair share of joy.

I believe that one of the ways a lifelong happiness will happen is when a person is working diligently towards his/her dreams. Every obstacle would be seen as a challenge that would make this person emerges stronger like a Superman.

And I believe that you would not be truly happy if you do not even try to start working towards living the life that you desire. I really think we feel the most alive when we are working towards our dream life.

A lot of times, we have used imaginary fear to make a decision and act (or not to act). We had believed that the potential fear is real, and we avoided doing the things that had caused the fear so that we would be safe, or feel safe. But what a lot of people do not realize is that we have allowed fear to cage our souls and dreams.

Have you always wanted to be a painter but you felt that you were never good enough? Perhaps you have always thought that creating Art is only for the geniuses?

If you honestly think that no one with the right frame of mind would buy your paintings even if you had a dozen mentors, then explore other possibilities to make your dream come true.

How about killing two birds with one stone? Perhaps you could open an art gallery? And this is only one of the many ways to work towards your best life.

If you think that you would not be able to survive in this practical world by solely being a painter, then work towards being the owner of an art gallery. While you have the gallery to sell the other geniuses’ works so as to ensure your minimal survival, you can in turn hang yours in your own gallery. This way, you can then survive and realize your dreams at the same time. How awesome is that! You get to sell your own masterpieces in your own gallery!

Easier said than done? Of course; no one can guarantee immediate success or immediate implementation. Would it be a dream worth realizing if it could be done with a snap of your fingers?

However, if you were prepared to live your life for decades not realizing your dreams until the day you die, then why not work for the same amount of time realizing your goals and dreams? At least, you would die with minimal regrets, because you know that you have tried. And what happens if you really did succeed in achieving your goals and dreams? You would have the time of your life!

If I were to just live my every day as if in a daze nonchalantly until the day my life comes to an end, I would be so disappointed and angry with myself.

I had imagined how it would be like if after my death, a higher source of power informed me that:

You know what, Chloe, you were actually born to succeed and live the life you had always dreamt of having. That is because everyone was created to achieve what they want if they are willing to make a go at it. But because you decided not to risk it, you missed the chance of attaining it. Would you die if you had failed in your journey to realizing your dreams? Tsk tsk *with the irritating shake of the forefinger*. I hate to tell you this, Chloe, but you would not die. Yet, I mean. But you are, now. So just that’s too bad, isn’t it?”

How would I feel?


Ow man, no! I imagined I would tear my hair out and beg to turn back time and be reborn with memories so that I can really live my life all over again. OK, too fictitious here but you get the drift.

Actually, it takes me a lot of courage to start this blog.

I have messages that I am burning to share, but I do not have the courage to act on it. I am better in Chinese (I am a Chinese; surprise, surprise) than I am in English and I thought that my English had to be Perfect with the capital P in order to have the right and permission to share my messages.

Like it is a sin if I was spotted with grammatical errors in my articles.

What if nobody understands what the banana I was writing?

I also thought that I wasn’t worthy enough, and like what some of the speakers at NAC 2014 have said, I thought that no one would hear or care about the messages I want to share. I have a whole basket of more fears, but I will not bore you with them. You might just have a few of those yourself.

Thereafter, I have decided: I love myself to bits and so I decided to believe in myself just a little bit more than now.

The truth is, how would I know if all my fears were real? There’s only one way to find out, and that is to Start. Only by trying would I know how real my fears are. And of course, I sincerely hope that all my fears are imaginary! HAHA. Well, even if I had failed, then try again! I think I would if I had really wanted it that badly!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s Take Action together, Now!

… OK, for some of you, maybe nothing so drastic in the beginning that would make you struggle to come into terms with yourself. Why not first start by listing down the things that you desire to achieve in life? For the few decades that you might be left with? The perfect dream life which would have you grinning from ear to ear whenever you visualize it?

Dream big and believe in yourself, because the power lies within you.


Chloe ❤


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Hello! Welcome to Zesty Chloe :)

How Happy Are You?
Yes, I took the selfie in a train LOL.

Hello Everyone! My name is Chloe (as you would have guessed it) and welcome to my world 😀

You might be curious and are wondering, what is this blog about? What do I mean by achieving Happiness here? And, who does she think she is to tell us on how to be happy? HAHA.

I am definitely not someone whom people would rush to bow at my feet. But I am someone who has woken up, and I hope that I can help you awaken the real You in you too.

My goals and dreams are first to be financially free. Thereafter, I can invest my time and attention wholeheartedly on my family, friends, lifelong learning, helping all the people who come to me and the people who I approach, and the list goes on.

I want the world to be a happier place because this is a wonderful world. I want all the people around me to live a life so worth living that when they kicked the bucket, they would go WOOHOO~ MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! … OK, maybe not, but you get the drift.

I want to live a life worth living. I want to be able to make a difference to the world and to the people I come in contact with. I have seen so many people around me living their every day lives not thinking at all, so nonchalant and numb that they might as well be breathing zombies. They are simply walking through everyday without any purpose or happiness.

It pains me greatly to see the people whom I loved and cared for living their lives just like that. And then one day, they would think: is this it? So, what is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of my life?

I have woken up. In fact, I think I was just a little lost. I remembered I used to be curious about everything. I used to live in awe of and appreciation to the world I am living in. I saw the trees and grasses and all the beautiful things created by the Higher Source, and I was in awed of their beauty of life. But I lost this precious heart when my life got busier; when there were more and more things on my plate to suffocate me with. I walked past the trees like they were decorations; I stepped on the grasses thinking it was my right. I didn’t tilt my head back and look up at the blue sky and white clouds anymore.

I have forgotten to be respectful and love the world that I lived in. Instead, all that were on my mind was to hurry through everyday tasks. Woke up in the morning, rushed to work, pissed off that someone had stepped on my toe in the crowded train, sometimes skipping my meals because there were just so many tasks to complete at work. And at the end of the day, all I felt was exhaustion and a sense of emptiness in my soul.

I hadn’t seen myself as the one and only precious me for a very long time.

I refused to be a walking zombie. I was lost for years, and now when I looked back on the days when I was lost, I felt regretful and relieved at the same time.

Regretted the precious time that I have spent unthinking and unfeeling, the time when I have spent complaining and being tired and frustrated with all the little things in life. The things so insignificant that they weren’t have matter in a life and death situation.

On the other hand, I felt a sense of relief. Good thing that I woke up now and not later! It was never too late to wake up, to really open my mind and my heart to see the world and my life as they really are. I used to have dreams but they were lost when I was sleeping. Now I am awake, I have more goals and bigger dreams than before.

I am now trying to live my every day life in awe and appreciation. It will be a long journey for me, but I know I will achieve my ultimate Happiness in life: to spend everyday being happy! I do not live just once; I am living every single day. But I will only die once. And I would want my death to be with minimal regrets.

So, I will be using this platform to share all my thoughts and ideas on attaining a life which is full of happiness every single day. About the obstacles in the form of challenges which I am facing and have faced, and how they might also be yours at the moment. I want to share my growth with all of you and I urge you to join me in my journey 🙂

Dream big and believe in yourself, because the power lies within you.


Chloe ❤